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Our Story

BitMEX is the world’s most advanced peer-to-peer crypto-products trading platform, supported by our best-in-class API, and giving knowledge, confidence, and precision to hundreds of thousands of traders, transacting the equivalent of billions of USD every day.

Our leveraged contracts deliver a fast, reliable, and liquid way to trade and hedge cryptocurrency risk. Our XBTUSD perpetual swap—the most traded cryptocurrency product of all time—changed the industry, and we’ve continued to innovate, expanding our offering with new perpetual swaps, traditional futures, and quanto futures products.

The phenomenal success of BitMEX set the standard for cryptocurrency exchanges, but our industry never stops moving. We’re doubling down on growth through continuous product innovation, technology advancement, and collaboration with those shaping our field in the years ahead.

We’re particularly proud of our Open Source Developer Grant programme—which provides grants to developers working on Bitcoin, NodeJS, Java, and Kubernetes—as part of our duty to nourish the cryptocurrency and open source ecosystems we rely on.

In July 2020 we established 100x, the holding group for HDR Global Trading Limited and its assets, including the BitMEX platform, and our team of best-in-class professionals in finance, web development, and high frequency algorithmic trading.

As 100x, we are pursuing a broader vision to shape an inclusive and empowering modern digital financial system, and continue to explore, incubate, and pursue new opportunities and investments as we enhance BitMEX’s leadership position in cryptocurrency and trading technologies.

Learn more about 100x Group here.