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Recent Trading Announcements

Increased Risk Limits for ETHUSD Swap Now ‘Live’

May 3, 8:03 AM

Today at 08:00 UTC, the risk limits for the ETHUSD Swap were increased from 50 to 75 XBT.

Users with ETHUSD Swap positions greater than 50 XBT are now eligible for lower margin requirements.

For more information, please refer to our blog.

Official Launch of the BitMEX Partner Programme

April 28, 3:00 AM

We are officially launching the BitMEX Partner Programme to more intently focus on expanding the robust network of firms within our ecosystem. 

Through the programme, we’ll connect our users with trusted tools that will enhance their trading experience while rewarding partners themselves with incentives based on the activity they refer to the BitMEX platform.

For more details, please see our blog.

Parameter Updates Now ‘Live’

April 28, 2:49 AM

Today at 02:15 UTC, technical updates were made to the Impact Notional and % Fair Basis update methodology – two factors related to Mark Price.

For details on the updates, please see our blog.

Increasing ETHUSD Swap Risk Limits for Lower Margin Requirements on Large Positions

April 26, 8:02 AM

Effective 3 May 2021 at 08:00 UTC, we will increase the risk limits for the ETHUSD swap from 50 to 75 XBT. From that time, those who have ETHUSD Swap positions greater than 50 XBT will immediately be eligible for lower margin requirements.

There will be no changes  to any of our Base Initial Margin or Base Maintenance Margin rates – this change relates to the size of position to which those rates apply. Also, everyone with positions equal to or smaller than 50 XBT will continue to have the same market-leading margin requirements as before. 

For more information, please refer to our blog.

Further Parameter Updates for a Better Trading Environment

April 26, 5:01 AM

Maintaining a fair and orderly trading environment for our users is very important to us, and we’re always thinking about how we can improve further. As part of this effort we’ve decided to make two technical but important updates to the Impact Notional and % Fair Basis update methodology, which are two factors related to Mark Price. 

Both changes will take place on 28 April at 02:15 UTC.

Impact Notional – What’s Changing?

The Impact Notional used in the calculation of Fair Price for Futures Contracts and Funding Rate for Swap Contracts will change from an XBT value (0.2XBT / Initial Margin) to a USD value and will vary by contract type as follows:

  • All Perpetual Swaps – USD 10,000
  • For Futures:
    • Linear Futures – USD 50,000
    • Quanto Futures – USD 10,000
    • XBT (Inverse) Futures – USD 200,000

% Fair Basis Update Methodology – What’s Changing?

The % Fair Basis will be updated every 30 seconds (previously this was done every 60 seconds) but only if the difference between the Impact Ask Price and Impact Bid Price is less than the larger of:

  • The maintenance margin of the futures contract
  • 3 ticks on the Futures contract

Please see our blog post for further details.

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